Shades of Success: How to Pick the Best Color Scheme for Your Logo

The color palette you’re going to choose for your logo weighs heavier than it seems! You’re not only picking shades for the sake of aesthetics, you’re also choosing the general aura of your brands! Selecting colors for your brand is a strategic move that directly influences your consumer’s perception towards your business and ultimately foretells the success of your business, so yes. It is THAT crucial.

This blog will serve as a compact yet packed guide that you can take as reference when you’re venturing into a logo-making journey. Of course, Ai Logo Makerr can totally give you a helping hand with that but there’s no harm in learning much more! Let’s get into the power colors hold and learn how to utilize them for your brand’s success.

Marketing and Color Psychology: What it is and Why it Works

Color psychology is an absolute necessity if you’re looking for elements to improve the way your brand is seen. It may not seem like it but each color that you so on a daily actually carries a certain weight and emotional correspondence. For example, blue in branding is always something linked to trustworthiness, which makes sense why most banks and other financial institutions use that color. Red on the other hand, sparks joy and triggers excitement which is why it is a popular choice for brands that want to evoke that type of emotion, like fast food chains. 

Knowing the emotions these colors exude are pivotal first steps when it comes to creating your own logo that can psychologically tap your audiences and make your brand identity appeal to them effectively. 

What is your brand’s identity?

In order to select the perfect color that suits a brand, it is first important to know the brand’s core identity. Who’s the best one for that job but you! You know your brand the best so really dig deep into what color theme would suit your company values best. Here are a few ideas to get your brain gears kicking; green symbolizes eco-friendly values, growth and life. If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, rare-used colors like cerulean will not fail to evoke exclusivity and sophistication.

Be sure to pick the shades that will not only resonate to your target consumers but also pick ones that resonate with your brand’s values and niche. You should also consider feedback and other cultural elements, and be aware of the connotations your color choices will have depending on what part of the world you’re located in.

The Power of Color Combos

There is more to selecting colors when it comes to logo designing. You’re not just picking out a singular shade to represent your brand, you’re choosing from a world of infinite shades with infinite combination possibilities! Of course, you also have to keep in mind how these colors interact and whether or not they’re complimentary colors. All while aiming if the colors are suitable for your brand image.

Let’s take the Spotify logo as an example. There’s a distinctive shade of green they used for the logo and it played with quite different tones of the same color, yet they can be recognized with THAT green shade. The shape of the logo along with its color choice evokes a sense of growth and harmony. Which is perfect for a music streaming platform company, your music taste grows as you listen to beautiful harmony, genius right! 

Speaking of simple colors that speak volume, let’s look into the iconic Google logo. It boasts primary colors, a simple scheme. These colors are iconic because it represented the brand so well, it showed accessibility and convenience. Much like how Google is as a company!

Tools You Can Utilize to Make Your Color Scheme Selection Journey Easier

Now, apart from all of the things to consider above, color selection is a mix of art and Science. Sounds like you should have the best of both worlds just to get it done, right? Wrong! There are a ton of digital tools that can help you with that! You can utilize Adobe Color when exploring your color combo themes and it even features a convenient color wheel adjustment and galleries that are up to date so you can never run out of inspo. 

Speaking of tools you can use, is the coolest of them all! It revolutionized the way color combos and customization is done. And how can we forget Canva? This online tool features a cool color palette generator that will let you upload an image inspo and pick out the exact color shade you’d want for your logo. You’re never gonna guess what my last suggestions would be; Ailogomakerr! Why stray far when you’re already here? not only do we have pre-made color combinations that are already pre-selected by our expert designers, a COMPLETE logo all for you would just be done in seconds.

Trendy or Timelessness, What Should You Go For?

Another important choice to keep in mind when making your logo. Should you go for timeless or for what’s currently popping? 

There are certain colors that are hype only for certain periods of time, like pastels, neon colors and the dreadful Pinterest mint green and peach combo. These types of trendy combinations can reflect modernity and contemporaneous. Since it’s the hot button color at the moment, the problem about “it” colors is that they fade as fast as they peak. 

It would be the best option to go for a color scheme that is timeless. Take old brands as an example. Chase bank has kept its colors since its debut and the iconic shade of blue still is identifiable until today! That’s how you make an impression, by creating something that will last. But it’s still up for your consideration of course! What do you think your brand ideals would resonate the most? 

This conclusion wraps up our blog post by emphasizing the strategic importance of color selection in logo design and encouraging readers to approach this process thoughtfully and creatively. It aims to inspire confidence and excitement about the possibilities that the right color choices can bring to a brand's identity.